How does the ACL Anthology use Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs)?

The ACL uses DOIs to refer to scholarly works persistently in accordance with cross-disciplinary standards. Prior to 2012, ACL materials were assigned DOIs by the Association of Computational Machinery (ACM). Since 2014, ACL has assigned its own DOIs to materials using a convention based off of the ACL Anthology Identifiers. In 2015, ACL had to change DOI prefix due to accounting practices for the ACM.


We strongly encourage the publication of DOIs in citing bibliographies to help better cross-reference ACL materials.

Note while the ACL Anthology hosts third-party materials coming from sister societies, these materials are hosted courtesy the ACL but are not assigned DOIs by the ACL due to costs and copyright limitations; the DOI information above is only applicable to ACL sponsored events by ACL, its chapters or SIGs.