Information for Submitters

General information on submitting proceedings to the ACL Anthology (for event chairs)

June 21, 2023

This page contains general information about submitting the proceedings of a conference to the ACL Anthology. (For information about the complete conference management process, particularly for ACL conference publications chairs, please refer to the official documentation.) It is intended for publication chairs of main conferences and standalone events, who have the responsibility of delivering the proceedings for all main conference and workshop volumes to the Anthology director. Chairs of workshops attached to a larger conference should also read this page, but should work through their main conference publication chair instead of directly with the Anthology.

Overview of the Submission Process

Please note the following important dates.

Before paper submission deadlineRegister your meeting
Before paper submission deadlineRequest ISBNs
2 weeks before publicationSubmit your data
2 weeks before publicationSubmit copyright transfer forms
After publicationMaking corrections

Register your meeting

If you are a conference publications chair, you must register your intention to submit your proceedings. (Workshop chairs should do this through your main conference publication chair). This step requires you to send (a) the complete list of volumes that will be published in the Anthology (main conference volumes and workshops) and (b) the desired publication date. Your proceedings will be due no later than two weeks prior to this negotiated date.

This information should be submitted to us via a Github issue. Please do this as early as possible, ideally well before the submission deadline. This will allow us to do a quick sanity check of the metadata. As noted above, if you are the chair of a workshop that is colocated with a larger event, please work with your main conference publication chair instead of directly with the Anthology.

Your Github issue should contain the following information for each volume.

We emphasize that if you are chairing a meeting attached as a satellite of a main conference (e.g., ACL or EMNLP), please do not communicate directly with the Anthology, but instead first work with your main conference publication chair(s), who will take care of registration and many of the details below.

New venues

If your venue is appearing for the first time in the Anthology, we need to assign it a venue identifier, as described above. You can choose one yourself, but it will require confirmation from the Anthology director. If you are submitting a new venue, please be sure to also include the following information:

Submit your data

After your conference management software has collected all the camera-ready papers and associated attachments, you will arrange all the volumes of your proceedings into ACLPUB format, as described in the ACLPUB → Anthology documentation. The end result is a data directory containing ACLPUB proceedings, one for each conference. A link to this directory (preferably via a file sharing service, such as Dropbox or Google Drive) should be sent to the Anthology Director two weeks prior to your desired publication date (which was negotiated when you first contacted us).

The remaining steps are handled by Anthology staff and use Anthology tools:

Please note that workshop chairs should handle this step through their main conference publication chair, and not directly with the Anthology.

If you are using the START system, this process is handled as part of the camera-ready submission process.

Otherwise, for copyright transfers, please use the form at:

Forms should be signed by authors and saved using the ACL Anthology identifiers as names. Please place these into a folder (e.g., copyright-transfers/P11-1001.pdf) and then deliver them in bulk to the Anthology Editor when submitting the proceedings.

For both current and legacy events, it is good practice for the organizers to attempt to obtain copyright transfers for their materials, but we will ingest materials even if no copyright transfers are on file.

ISBN Numbers

If you plan to publish or print your proceedings, you will need an ISBN. The ACL can provide these for *ACL conferences. Please provide the exact titles of each volume to be assigned an ISBN and send this information to Jennifer Rachford, the ACL Business Manager.

Errata and Corrections

If you get requests from authors needing to post errata or revised versions of the papers, or supplemental attachments after the publication of the proceedings, please refer them to our documentation on the matter. Note that after the publication date, corrections can only be applied to individual papers; the full proceedings volumes will not be replaced or revised.