Abdelrahman Mattar


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Mawdoo3 AI at MADAR Shared Task: Arabic Fine-Grained Dialect Identification with Ensemble Learning
Ahmad Ragab | Haitham Seelawi | Mostafa Samir | Abdelrahman Mattar | Hesham Al-Bataineh | Mohammad Zaghloul | Ahmad Mustafa | Bashar Talafha | Abed Alhakim Freihat | Hussein Al-Natsheh
Proceedings of the Fourth Arabic Natural Language Processing Workshop

In this paper we discuss several models we used to classify 25 city-level Arabic dialects in addition to Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) as part of MADAR shared task (sub-task 1). We propose an ensemble model of a group of experimentally designed best performing classifiers on a various set of features. Our system achieves an accuracy of 69.3% macro F1-score with an improvement of 1.4% accuracy from the baseline model on the DEV dataset. Our best run submitted model ranked as third out of 19 participating teams on the TEST dataset with only 0.12% macro F1-score behind the top ranked system.