Adhithan P


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CEN-Tamil@DravidianLangTech-ACL2022: Abusive Comment detection in Tamil using TF-IDF and Random Kitchen Sink Algorithm
Prasanth S N | R Aswin Raj | Adhithan P | Premjith B | Soman Kp
Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Speech and Language Technologies for Dravidian Languages

This paper describes the approach of team CEN-Tamil used for abusive comment detection in Tamil. This task aims to identify whether a given comment contains abusive comments. We used TF-IDF with char-wb analyzers with Random Kitchen Sink (RKS) algorithm to create feature vectors and the Support Vector Machine (SVM) classifier with polynomial kernel for classification. We used this method for both Tamil and Tamil-English datasets and secured first place with an f1-score of 0.32 and seventh place with an f1-score of 0.25, respectively. The code for our approach is shared in the GitHub repository.