Agnieszka Dziob


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Enriching plWordNet with morphology
Agnieszka Dziob | Wiktor Walentynowicz
Proceedings of the 11th Global Wordnet Conference

In the paper, we present the process of adding morphological information to the Polish WordNet (plWordNet). We describe the reasons for this connection and the intuitions behind it. We also draw attention to the specificity of the Polish morphology. We show in which tasks the morphological information is important and how the methods can be developed by extending them to include combined morphological information based on WordNet.


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plWordNet 4.1 - a Linguistically Motivated, Corpus-based Bilingual Resource
Agnieszka Dziob | Maciej Piasecki | Ewa Rudnicka
Proceedings of the 10th Global Wordnet Conference

The paper presents the latest release of the Polish WordNet, namely plWordNet 4.1. The most significant developments since 3.0 version include new relations for nouns and verbs, mapping semantic role-relations from the valency lexicon Walenty onto the plWordNet structure and sense-level inter-lingual mapping. Several statistics are presented in order to illustrate the development and contemporary state of the wordnet.


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Implementation of the Verb Model in plWordNet 4.0
Agnieszka Dziob | Maciej Piasecki
Proceedings of the 9th Global Wordnet Conference

The paper presents an expansion of the verb model for plWordNet – the wordnet of Polish. A modified system of constitutive features (register, aspect and verb classes), synset and lexical relations is presented. A special attention is given to the proposed new relations and changes in the verb classification. We discuss also the results of its verification by application to the description of a relatively large sample of Polish verbs. The model introduces a new class of relations, namely non-constitutive synset relations that are shared among lexical units, but describe, not define synsets. The proposed model is compared to the entailment relations in other wordnets, and the description of verbs based on valency frames.

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WordnetLoom – a Multilingual Wordnet Editing System Focused on Graph-based Presentation
Tomasz Naskręt | Agnieszka Dziob | Maciej Piasecki | Chakaveh Saedi | António Branco
Proceedings of the 9th Global Wordnet Conference

The paper presents a new re-built and expanded, version 2.0 of WordnetLoom – an open wordnet editor. It facilitates work on a multilingual system of wordnets, is based on efficient software architecture of thin client, and offers more flexibility in enriching wordnet representation. This new version is built on the experience collected during the use of the previous one for more than 10 years of plWordNet development. We discuss its extensions motivated by the collected experience. A special focus is given to the development of a variant for the needs of MultiWordnet of Portuguese, which is based on a very different wordnet development model.


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Extraction and description of multi-word lexical units in plWordNet 3.0
Agnieszka Dziob | Michał Wendelberger
Proceedings of the 8th Global WordNet Conference (GWC)

In this paper, we present methods of extraction of multi-word lexical units (MWLUs) from large text corpora and their description in plWordNet 3.0. MWLUs are filtered from collocations of the structural type Noun+Adjective (NA).