Agostina Calabrese


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Fatality Killed the Cat or: BabelPic, a Multimodal Dataset for Non-Concrete Concepts
Agostina Calabrese | Michele Bevilacqua | Roberto Navigli
Proceedings of the 58th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics

Thanks to the wealth of high-quality annotated images available in popular repositories such as ImageNet, multimodal language-vision research is in full bloom. However, events, feelings and many other kinds of concepts which can be visually grounded are not well represented in current datasets. Nevertheless, we would expect a wide-coverage language understanding system to be able to classify images depicting recess and remorse, not just cats, dogs and bridges. We fill this gap by presenting BabelPic, a hand-labeled dataset built by cleaning the image-synset association found within the BabelNet Lexical Knowledge Base (LKB). BabelPic explicitly targets non-concrete concepts, thus providing refreshing new data for the community. We also show that pre-trained language-vision systems can be used to further expand the resource by exploiting natural language knowledge available in the LKB. BabelPic is available for download at