Ahmed Altakrouri


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Mawdoo3 AI at MADAR Shared Task: Arabic Tweet Dialect Identification
Bashar Talafha | Wael Farhan | Ahmed Altakrouri | Hussein Al-Natsheh
Proceedings of the Fourth Arabic Natural Language Processing Workshop

Arabic dialect identification is an inherently complex problem, as Arabic dialect taxonomy is convoluted and aims to dissect a continuous space rather than a discrete one. In this work, we present machine and deep learning approaches to predict 21 fine-grained dialects form a set of given tweets per user. We adopted numerous feature extraction methods most of which showed improvement in the final model, such as word embedding, Tf-idf, and other tweet features. Our results show that a simple LinearSVC can outperform any complex deep learning model given a set of curated features. With a relatively complex user voting mechanism, we were able to achieve a Macro-Averaged F1-score of 71.84% on MADAR shared subtask-2. Our best submitted model ranked second out of all participating teams.