Aitzol Astigarraga


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Massively multilingual accessible audioguides via cell phones
Itziar Cortes | Igor Leturia | Ińaki Alegria | Aitzol Astigarraga | Kepa Sarasola | Manex Garaio
Proceedings of the 21st Annual Conference of the European Association for Machine Translation

Bidaide1 is a web service that allows the visitors of a museum, route or building to read or listen to explanations relative to the visited place on their own mobile and in their own language. The visitor can access the explanations in various ways: by scanning some QR codes located in the place, by GPS positioning (in outdoor routes), or by automatic Bluetooth proximity activation. This makes it accessible for people with reduced or null vision. On the other hand, this platform also offers to the manager of the visited site the most advanced language resources to create the texts and audios of the explanations in many languages.


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Poet’s Little Helper: A methodology for computer-based poetry generation. A case study for the Basque language
Aitzol Astigarraga | José María Martínez-Otzeta | Igor Rodriguez | Basilio Sierra | Elena Lazkano
Proceedings of the Workshop on Computational Creativity in Natural Language Generation (CC-NLG 2017)


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Towards Basque Oral Poetry Analysis: A Machine Learning Approach
Mikel Osinalde | Aitzol Astigarraga | Igor Rodriguez | Manex Agirrezabal
Proceedings of the Student Research Workshop associated with RANLP 2013

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ZeuScansion: a tool for scansion of English poetry
Manex Agirrezabal | Bertol Arrieta | Aitzol Astigarraga | Mans Hulden
Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Finite State Methods and Natural Language Processing

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POS-Tag Based Poetry Generation with WordNet
Manex Agirrezabal | Bertol Arrieta | Aitzol Astigarraga | Mans Hulden
Proceedings of the 14th European Workshop on Natural Language Generation