Alan R. Aronson

Also published as: Alan Aronson


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A repository of semantic types in the MIMIC II database clinical notes
Richard Osborne | Alan Aronson | Kevin Cohen
Proceedings of BioNLP 2014


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Using the Argumentative Structure of Scientific Literature to Improve Information Access
Antonio Jimeno Yepes | James Mork | Alan Aronson
Proceedings of the 2013 Workshop on Biomedical Natural Language Processing


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Self-training and co-training in biomedical word sense disambiguation
Antonio Jimeno-Yepes | Alan Aronson
Proceedings of BioNLP 2011 Workshop


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From indexing the biomedical literature to coding clinical text: experience with MTI and machine learning approaches
Alan R. Aronson | Olivier Bodenreider | Dina Demner-Fushman | Kin Wah Fung | Vivian K. Lee | James G. Mork | Aurélie Névéol | Lee Peters | Willie J. Rogers
Biological, translational, and clinical language processing

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Automatic Indexing of Specialized Documents: Using Generic vs. Domain-Specific Document Representations
Aurélie Névéol | James G. Mork | Alan R. Aronson
Biological, translational, and clinical language processing


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Argumentative Feedback: A Linguistically-Motivated Term Expansion for Information Retrieval
Patrick Ruch | Imad Tbahriti | Julien Gobeill | Alan R. Aronson
Proceedings of the COLING/ACL 2006 Main Conference Poster Sessions


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Using Natural Language Processing, LocusLink and the Gene Ontology to Compare OMIM to MEDLINE
Bisharah Libbus | Halil Kilicoglu | Thomas C. Rindflesch | James G. Mork | Alan R. Aronson
HLT-NAACL 2004 Workshop: Linking Biological Literature, Ontologies and Databases