Alastair Burt


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LT World: Ontology and Reference Information Portal
Brigitte Jörg | Hans Uszkoreit | Alastair Burt
Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC'10)

LT World ( is an ontology-driven web portal aimed at serving the global language technology community. Ontology-driven means, that the system is driven by an ontological schema to manage the research information and knowledge life-cycles: identify relevant concepts of information, structure and formalize them, assign relationships, functions and views, add states and rules, modify them. For modelling such a complex structure, we employ (i) concepts from the research domain, such as person, organisation, project, tool, data, patent, news, event (ii) concepts from the LT domain, such as technology and resource (iii) concepts from closely related domains, such as language, linguistics, and mathematics. Whereas the research entities represent the general context, that is, a research environment as such, the LT entities define the information and knowledge space of the field, enhanced by entities from closely related areas. By managing information holistically ― that is, within a research context ― its inherent semantics becomes much more transparent. This paper introduces LT World as a reference information portal through ontological eyes: its content, its system, its method for maintaining knowledge-rich items, its ontology as an asset.