Alex Calderwood


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A Design Space for Writing Support Tools Using a Cognitive Process Model of Writing
Katy Gero | Alex Calderwood | Charlotte Li | Lydia Chilton
Proceedings of the First Workshop on Intelligent and Interactive Writing Assistants (In2Writing 2022)

Improvements in language technology have led to an increasing interest in writing support tools. In this paper we propose a design space for such tools based on a cognitive process model of writing. We conduct a systematic review of recent computer science papers that present and/or study such tools, analyzing 30 papers from the last five years using the design space. Tools are plotted according to three distinct cognitive processes–planning, translating, and reviewing–and the level of constraint each process entails. Analyzing recent work with the design space shows that highly constrained planning and reviewing are under-studied areas that recent technology improvements may now be able to serve. Finally, we propose shared evaluation methodologies and tasks that may help the field mature.