Alexandre Tessarollo


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Inclusion of Lithological terms (rocks and minerals) in The Open Wordnet for English
Alexandre Tessarollo | Alexandre Rademaker
Proceedings of the LREC 2020 Workshop on Multimodal Wordnets (MMW2020)

We extend the Open WordNet for English (OWN-EN) with rock-related and other lithological terms using the authoritative source of GBA’s Thesaurus. Our aim is to improve WordNet to better function within Oil & Gas domain, particularly geoscience texts. We use a three step approach: a proof of concept-level extension of WordNet, a major extension on which we evaluate the impact with positive results and a full extension encompassing all GBA’s lithological terms. We also build a mapping to GBA which also links to several other resources: WikiData, British Geological Survey, Inspire, GeoSciML and DBpedia.


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Completing the Princeton Annotated Gloss Corpus Project
Alexandre Rademaker | Bruno Cuconato | Alessandra Cid | Alexandre Tessarollo | Henrique Andrade
Proceedings of the 10th Global Wordnet Conference

In the Princeton WordNet Gloss Corpus, the word forms from the definitions (“glosses”) in WordNet’s synsets are manually linked to the context-appropriate sense in the WordNet. The glosses then become a sense-disambiguated corpus annotated against WordNet version 3.0. The result is also called a semantic concordance, which can be seen as both a lexicon (WordNet extension) and an annotated corpus. In this work we motivate and present the initial steps to complete the annotation of all open-class words in this corpus. Finally, we introduce a freely-available annotation interface built as an Emacs extension, and evaluate a preliminary annotation effort.