Aliaksandr Huminski


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Commonsense inference in human-robot communication
Aliaksandr Huminski | Yan Bin Ng | Kenneth Kwok | Francis Bond
Proceedings of the First Workshop on Commonsense Inference in Natural Language Processing

Natural language communication between machines and humans are still constrained. The article addresses a gap in natural language understanding about actions, specifically that of understanding commands. We propose a new method for commonsense inference (grounding) of high-level natural language commands into specific action commands for further execution by a robotic system. The method allows to build a knowledge base that consists of a large set of commonsense inferences. The preliminary results have been presented.


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WordNet Troponymy and Extraction of “Manner-Result” Relations
Aliaksandr Huminski | Hao Zhang
Proceedings of the 9th Global Wordnet Conference

Commonsense knowledge bases need to have relations that allow to predict the consequences of specific actions (say, if John stabbed Peter, Peter might be killed) and to unfold the possible actions for the specific results (Peter was killed. It could happen because of poisoning, stabbing, shooting, etc.) This kind of causal relations are established between manner verbs and result verbs: manner-result relations. We offer a procedure on how to extract manner-result relations from WordNet through the analysis of the troponym glosses. The procedure of extraction includes three steps and the results are based on the analysis of the whole set of verbs in WordNet.