Amal Nayouf


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Nâbra: Syrian Arabic Dialects with Morphological Annotations
Amal Nayouf | Tymaa Hammouda | Mustafa Jarrar | Fadi Zaraket | Mohamad-Bassam Kurdy
Proceedings of ArabicNLP 2023

This paper presents Nâbra (نَبْرَة), a corpora of Syrian Arabic dialects with morphological annotations. A team of Syrian natives collected more than 6K sentences containing about 60K words from several sources including social media posts, scripts of movies and series, lyrics of songs and local proverbs to build Nâbra. Nâbra covers several local Syrian dialects including those of Aleppo, Damascus, Deir-ezzur, Hama, Homs, Huran, Latakia, Mardin, Raqqah, and Suwayda. A team of nine annotators annotated the 60K tokens with full morphological annotations across sentence contexts. We trained the annotators to follow methodological annotation guidelines to ensure unique morpheme annotations, and normalized the annotations. F1 and 𝜅 agreement scores ranged between 74% and 98% across features, showing the excellent quality of Nâbra annotations. Our corpora are open-source and publicly available as part of the Currasat portal