Ana Fernandez

Also published as: Ana Fernández Montraveta, Ana Fernández-Montraveta


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The Sensem Corpus: a Corpus Annotated at the Syntactic and Semantic Level
Irene Castellón | Ana Fernández-Montraveta | Gloria Vázquez | Laura Alonso Alemany | Joan Antoni Capilla
Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC’06)

The primary aim of the project SENSEM (Sentence Semantics, BFF2003-06456) is the construction of a Lexical Data Base illustrating the syntactic and semantic behavior of each of the senses of the 250 most frequent verbs of Spanish. With this objective in mind, we are currently building an annotated corpus consisting of sentences extracted from the electronic version of the newspaper El Periódico de Catalunya, totalling approximately 1 million words, with 100 examples of each verb. By the time of the conference, we will be about to complete the annotation of 25,000 sentences, which means roughly a corpus of 800,000 words. Approximately 400,000 of them will have been revised. We expect to make the corpus publicly available by the end of 2006.


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Semantic Categorization of Spanish Se-constructions
Glòria Vázquez | Ana Fernández Montraveta | Irene Castellón | Laura Alonso
Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC’04)


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Framework and Results for the Spanish SENSEVAL
German Rigau | Mariona Taulé | Ana Fernandez | Julio Gonzalo
Proceedings of SENSEVAL-2 Second International Workshop on Evaluating Word Sense Disambiguation Systems


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On the concept of diathesis alternations as semantic oppositions
Ana Fernandez | M. Antonia Marti | Gloria Vazquez | Irene Castellon
SIGLEX99: Standardizing Lexical Resources