Anahita Mansouri Bigvand


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Decipherment of Substitution Ciphers with Neural Language Models
Nishant Kambhatla | Anahita Mansouri Bigvand | Anoop Sarkar
Proceedings of the 2018 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing

Decipherment of homophonic substitution ciphers using language models is a well-studied task in NLP. Previous work in this topic scores short local spans of possible plaintext decipherments using n-gram language models. The most widely used technique is the use of beam search with n-gram language models proposed by Nuhn et al.(2013). We propose a beam search algorithm that scores the entire candidate plaintext at each step of the decipherment using a neural language model. We augment beam search with a novel rest cost estimation that exploits the prediction power of a neural language model. We compare against the state of the art n-gram based methods on many different decipherment tasks. On challenging ciphers such as the Beale cipher we provide significantly better error rates with much smaller beam sizes.


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Joint Prediction of Word Alignment with Alignment Types
Anahita Mansouri Bigvand | Te Bu | Anoop Sarkar
Transactions of the Association for Computational Linguistics, Volume 5

Current word alignment models do not distinguish between different types of alignment links. In this paper, we provide a new probabilistic model for word alignment where word alignments are associated with linguistically motivated alignment types. We propose a novel task of joint prediction of word alignment and alignment types and propose novel semi-supervised learning algorithms for this task. We also solve a sub-task of predicting the alignment type given an aligned word pair. In our experimental results, the generative models we introduce to model alignment types significantly outperform the models without alignment types.