Anca Daniela Dinu


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CoToHiLi at LSCDiscovery: the Role of Linguistic Features in Predicting Semantic Change
Ana Sabina Uban | Alina Maria Cristea | Anca Daniela Dinu | Liviu P Dinu | Simona Georgescu | Laurentiu Zoicas
Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Computational Approaches to Historical Language Change

This paper presents the contributions of the CoToHiLi team for the LSCDiscovery shared task on semantic change in the Spanish language. We participated in both tasks (graded discovery and binary change, including sense gain and sense loss) and proposed models based on word embedding distances combined with hand-crafted linguistic features, including polysemy, number of neological synonyms, and relation to cognates in English. We find that models that include linguistically informed features combined using weights assigned manually by experts lead to promising results.