Andre Quispesaravia


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Coh-Metrix-Esp: A Complexity Analysis Tool for Documents Written in Spanish
Andre Quispesaravia | Walter Perez | Marco Sobrevilla Cabezudo | Fernando Alva-Manchego
Proceedings of the Tenth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC'16)

Text Complexity Analysis is an useful task in Education. For example, it can help teachers select appropriate texts for their students according to their educational level. This task requires the analysis of several text features that people do mostly manually (e.g. syntactic complexity, words variety, etc.). In this paper, we present a tool useful for Complexity Analysis, called Coh-Metrix-Esp. This is the Spanish version of Coh-Metrix and is able to calculate 45 readability indices. We analyse how these indices behave in a corpus of “simple” and “complex” documents, and also use them as features in a complexity binary classifier for texts in Spanish. After some experiments with machine learning algorithms, we got 0.9 F-measure for a corpus that contains tales for kids and adults and 0.82 F-measure for a corpus with texts written for students of Spanish as a foreign language.