Ang Sun


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Graph-based Approaches for Organization Entity Resolution in MapReduce
Hakan Kardes | Deepak Konidena | Siddharth Agrawal | Micah Huff | Ang Sun
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Semi-supervised Relation Extraction with Large-scale Word Clustering
Ang Sun | Ralph Grishman | Satoshi Sekine
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Semi-supervised Semantic Pattern Discovery with Guidance from Unsupervised Pattern Clusters
Ang Sun | Ralph Grishman
Coling 2010: Posters


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Who, What, When, Where, Why? Comparing Multiple Approaches to the Cross-Lingual 5W Task
Kristen Parton | Kathleen R. McKeown | Bob Coyne | Mona T. Diab | Ralph Grishman | Dilek Hakkani-Tür | Mary Harper | Heng Ji | Wei Yun Ma | Adam Meyers | Sara Stolbach | Ang Sun | Gokhan Tur | Wei Xu | Sibel Yaman
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Automatic Recognition of Logical Relations for English, Chinese and Japanese in the GLARF Framework
Adam Meyers | Michiko Kosaka | Nianwen Xue | Heng Ji | Ang Sun | Shasha Liao | Wei Xu
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Transducing Logical Relations from Automatic and Manual GLARF
Adam Meyers | Michiko Kosaka | Heng Ji | Nianwen Xue | Mary Harper | Ang Sun | Wei Xu | Shasha Liao
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A Two-stage Bootstrapping Algorithm for Relation Extraction
Ang Sun
Proceedings of the Student Research Workshop