Ankush Chopra


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Improving Cross-Lingual CSR Classification Using Pretrained Transformers with Variable Selection Networks and Data Augmentation
Shubham Sharma | Himanshu Janbandhu | Ankush Chopra
Proceedings of the Joint Workshop of the 7th Financial Technology and Natural Language Processing, the 5th Knowledge Discovery from Unstructured Data in Financial Services, and the 4th Workshop on Economics and Natural Language Processing @ LREC-COLING 2024

This paper describes our submission to the Cross-Lingual Classification of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Themes and Topics shared task, aiming to identify themes and fine-grained topics present in news articles. Classifying news articles poses several challenges, including limited training data, noisy articles, and longer context length. In this paper, we explore the potential of using pretrained transformer models to classify news articles into CSR themes and fine-grained topics. We propose two different approaches for these tasks. For multi-class classification of CSR themes, we suggest using a pretrained multi-lingual encoder-based model like microsoft/mDeBERTa-v3-base, along with a variable selection network to classify the article into CSR themes. To identify all fine-grained topics in each article, we propose using a pretrained encoder-based model like Longformer, which offers a higher context length. We employ chunking-based inference to avoid information loss in inference and experimented with using different parts and manifestation of original article for training and inference.


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Multilingual Financial Documentation Summarization by Team_Tredence for FNS2022
Manish Pant | Ankush Chopra
Proceedings of the 4th Financial Narrative Processing Workshop @LREC2022

This paper describes multi-lingual long document summarization systems submitted to the Financial Narrative Summarization Shared Task (FNS 2022 ) by Team-Tredence. We developed task-specific summarization methods for 3 languages – English, Spanish and Greek. The solution is divided into two parts, where a RoBERTa model was finetuned to identify/extract summarizing segments from English documents and T5 based models were used for summarizing Spanish and Greek documents. A purely extractive approach was applied to summarize English documents using data-specific heuristics. An mT5 model was fine-tuned to identify potential narrative sections for Greek and Spanish, followed by finetuning mT5 and T5(Spanish version) for abstractive summarization task. This system also features a novel approach for generating summarization training dataset using long document segmentation and the semantic similarity across segments. We also introduce an N-gram variability score to select sub-segments for generating more diverse and informative summaries from long documents.


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Data Driven Content Creation using Statistical and Natural Language Processing Techniques for Financial Domain
Ankush Chopra | Sohom Ghosh | Prateek Nagwanshi
Proceedings of the 3rd Financial Narrative Processing Workshop

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Term Expansion and FinBERT fine-tuning for Hypernym and Synonym Ranking of Financial Terms
Ankush Chopra | Sohom Ghosh
Proceedings of the Third Workshop on Financial Technology and Natural Language Processing