Anna-Izabella Levbarg


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Eval-UA-tion 1.0: Benchmark for Evaluating Ukrainian (Large) Language Models
Serhii Hamotskyi | Anna-Izabella Levbarg | Christian Hänig
Proceedings of the Third Ukrainian Natural Language Processing Workshop (UNLP) @ LREC-COLING 2024

In this paper, we introduce Eval-UA-tion, a set of novel Ukrainian-language datasets aimed at evaluating the performance of language models on the Ukrainian language. The tasks include UA-CBT (inspired by the Children’s Book Test, a fill-in-the-gaps type task aimed at gauging the extent to which a story narrative is understood), UP-Titles (where the online newspaper Ukrainska Pravda‘s articles have to be matched to the correct title among 10 similar ones), and LMentry-static-UA/LMES (inspired by the LMentry benchmark, a set of tasks simple to solve for humans but hard for LMs, such as ‘which of these words is longer’ and ‘what is the fifth word of this sentence’). With the exception of UP-Titles, the tasks are built in a way to minimize contamination and use material unlikely to be present in the training sets of language models, and include a split for few-shot model prompting use that minimizes contamination. For each task human and random baselines are provided.