Anne-Laure Piat-Marchand


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Predicting Multidimensional Subjective Ratings of Children’ Readings from the Speech Signals for the Automatic Assessment of Fluency
Gérard Bailly | Erika Godde | Anne-Laure Piat-Marchand | Marie-Line Bosse
Proceedings of the Twelfth Language Resources and Evaluation Conference

The objective of this research is to estimate multidimensional subjective ratings of the reading performance of young readers from signal-based objective measures. We here combine linguistic features (number of correct words, repetitions, deletions, insertions uttered per minute . . . ) with phonetic features. Expressivity is particularly difficult to predict since there is no unique golden standard. We here propose a novel framework for performing such an estimation that exploits multiple references performed by adults and demonstrate its efficiency using recordings of 273 pupils.