Annie Dong


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Towards Zero-Shot Frame Semantic Parsing with Task Agnostic Ontologies and Simple Labels
Danilo Neves Ribeiro | Jack Goetz | Omid Abdar | Mike Ross | Annie Dong | Kenneth Forbus | Ahmed Mohamed
Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Pattern-based Approaches to NLP in the Age of Deep Learning

Frame semantic parsing is an important component of task-oriented dialogue systems. Current models rely on a significant amount training data to successfully identify the intent and slots in the user’s input utterance. This creates a significant barrier for adding new domains to virtual assistant capabilities, as creation of this data requires highly specialized NLP expertise. In this work we propose OpenFSP, a framework that allows for easy creation of new domains from a handful of simple labels that can be generated without specific NLP knowledge. Our approach relies on creating a small, but expressive, set of domain agnostic slot types that enables easy annotation of new domains. Given such annotation, a matching algorithm relying on sentence encoders predicts the intent and slots for domains defined by end-users. Experiments on the TopV2 dataset shows that our model trained on these simple labels have strong performance against supervised baselines.