Anthony Clarke


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Scalability in MT systems
Elisabeth Maier | Anthony Clarke
Proceedings of Machine Translation Summit IX: Papers

In this paper we show why scalability is one of the most important aspects for the evaluation of Machine Translation (MT) systems and what scalability entails in the framework of MT. We illustrate the issue of scalability by reporting about an MT solution, which has been chosen in the course of a thorough hands-on evaluation and which in the meantime has been developed from a pilot system to a MT turnkey solution for mid-to large-scale enterprises.


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A report on the experiences of implementing an MT system for use in a commercial environment
Anthony Clarke | Elisabeth Maier | Hans-Udo Stadler
Proceedings of the 5th Conference of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas: User Studies

This paper describes the process of implementing a machine translation system (MT system) and the problems and pitfalls encountered within this process at CLS Corporate Language Services AG, a language solutions provider for the Swiss financial services industry, in particular UBS AG and Zurich Financial Services. The implementation was based on the perceived requirements of large organizations, which is why the focus was more on practical rather than academic aspects. The paper can be roughly divided into three parts: (1) definition of the implementation process, co-ordination and execution, (2) implementation plan and customer/user management, (3) monitoring of the MT system and related maintenance after going live.


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Evaluation of machine translation systems at CLS Corporate Language Services AG
Elisabeth Maier | Anthony Clarke | Hans-Udo Stadler
Proceedings of Machine Translation Summit VIII

This paper describes the evaluation of Machine Translation (MT) System for use in a large company. To take into account the specific requirements of such an environment, a pragmatic approach for the evaluation was developed. It consists of five steps ranging from a specification of the evaluation process to the integration of the chosen MT system in a given infrastructure. The process includes a specification of MT evaluation criteria relevant to systems which have to be employed for a large customer base. The paper also shows the results of such an evaluation study which was recently carried out at CLS Corporate Language Services AG, where COMPRENDIUM is in the meantime being employed as corporate MT system.


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MT within a Productive Translation Workflow
Anthony Clarke
5th EAMT Workshop: Harvesting Existing Resources