Arooshi Nigam


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Digital Accessibility and Information Mining of Dharmaśāstric Knowledge Traditions
Arooshi Nigam | Subhash Chandra
Proceedings of the WILDRE-6 Workshop within the 13th Language Resources and Evaluation Conference

The heritage of Dharmaśāstra (DS) carries extensive cultural history and encapsulates the treatises of Ancient Indian Social Institutions (SI). DS is reckoned as an epitome of the primitive Indian knowledge tradition as it incorporates a variety of genres for sciences and arts such as family law and legislation, civilization, culture, ritualistic procedures, environment, economics, commerce and finance studies, management, mathematical and medical sciences etc. SI represents a distinct tradition of civilization formation, society development and community living. The texts of the DS are primarily written in the Sanskrit language and due to its expansive subject stream, it is later translated into various other languages globally. With the ingress of the internet, the development of advanced digital technologies and IT boom, information is accessed and exchanged via digital platforms. DS texts are studied not only by Sanskrit scholars but also referred by historians, sociologists, political scientists, economists, law enthusiasts and linguists worldwide. Despite its eminence, there is a major setback in digitizing and online information mining for DS texts. The major objective of the paper is to digitize and develop an instant referencing system to amplify the digital accessibility of DS texts. This will act as an effective and immediate learning tool for researchers who are keen on intensive studying of DS concepts.