Avanti Bhandarkar


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Emulating Author Style: A Feasibility Study of Prompt-enabled Text Stylization with Off-the-Shelf LLMs
Avanti Bhandarkar | Ronald Wilson | Anushka Swarup | Damon Woodard
Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on Personalization of Generative AI Systems (PERSONALIZE 2024)

User-centric personalization of text opens many avenues of applications from stylized email composition to machine translation. Existing approaches in this domain often encounter limitations in data and resource requirements. Drawing inspiration from the success of resource-efficient prompt-enabled stylization in related fields, this work conducts the first feasibility into testing 12 pre-trained SOTA LLMs for author style emulation. Although promising, the results suggest that current off-the-shelf LLMs fall short of achieving effective author style emulation. This work provides valuable insights through which off-the-shelf LLMs could be potentially utilized for user-centric personalization easily and at scale.