Ayaka Morimoto


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Identification of Flexible Multiword Expressions with the Help of Dependency Structure Annotation
Ayaka Morimoto | Akifumi Yoshimoto | Akihiko Kato | Hiroyuki Shindo | Yuji Matsumoto
Proceedings of the Workshop on Grammar and Lexicon: interactions and interfaces (GramLex)

This paper presents our ongoing work on compilation of English multi-word expression (MWE) lexicon. We are especially interested in collecting flexible MWEs, in which some other components can intervene the expression such as “a number of” vs “a large number of” where a modifier of “number” can be placed in the expression and inherit the original meaning. We fiest collect possible candidates of flexible English MWEs from the web, and annotate all of their occurrences in the Wall Street Journal portion of Ontonotes corpus. We make use of word dependency strcuture information of the sentences converted from the phrase structure annotation. This process enables semi-automatic annotation of MWEs in the corpus and simultanaously produces the internal and external dependency representation of flexible MWEs.