Benjamin Schroeder


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Explicit Attribute Extraction in e-Commerce Search
Robyn Loughnane | Jiaxin Liu | Zhilin Chen | Zhiqi Wang | Joseph Giroux | Tianchuan Du | Benjamin Schroeder | Weiyi Sun
Proceedings of the Seventh Workshop on e-Commerce and NLP @ LREC-COLING 2024

This paper presents a model architecture and training pipeline for attribute value extraction from search queries. The model uses weak labels generated from customer interactions to train a transformer-based NER model. A two-stage normalization process is then applied to deal with the problem of a large label space: first, the model output is normalized onto common generic attribute values, then it is mapped onto a larger range of actual product attribute values. This approach lets us successfully apply a transformer-based NER model to the extraction of a broad range of attribute values in a real-time production environment for e-commerce applications, contrary to previous research. In an online test, we demonstrate business value by integrating the model into a system for semantic product retrieval and ranking.


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Towards Generalizeable Semantic Product Search by Text Similarity Pre-training on Search Click Logs
Zheng Liu | Wei Zhang | Yan Chen | Weiyi Sun | Tianchuan Du | Benjamin Schroeder
Proceedings of the Fifth Workshop on e-Commerce and NLP (ECNLP 5)

Recently, semantic search has been successfully applied to E-commerce product search and the learned semantic space for query and product encoding are expected to generalize well to unseen queries or products. Yet, whether generalization can conveniently emerge has not been thoroughly studied in the domain thus far. In this paper, we examine several general-domain and domain-specific pre-trained Roberta variants and discover that general-domain fine-tuning does not really help generalization which aligns with the discovery of prior art, yet proper domain-specific fine-tuning with clickstream data can lead to better model generalization, based on a bucketed analysis of a manually annotated query-product relevance data.