Bernard Scott


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OpenLogos MT and the SAL representation language
Bernard Scott | Anabela Barreiro
Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Free/Open-Source Rule-Based Machine Translation

This paper describes OpenLogos, a rule-driven machine translation system, and the syntactic-semantic taxonomy SAL that underlies this system. We illustrate how SAL addresses typical problems relating to source language analysis and target language synthesis. The adaptation of OpenLogos resources to a specific application concerning paraphrasing in Portuguese is also described here. References are provided for access to OpenLogos and to SAL.


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Is MT Research Doing Any Good?
Kenneth Church | Bonnie Dorr | Eduard Hovy | Sergei Nirenburg | Bernard Scott | Virginia Teller
Proceedings of the First Conference of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas


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The MT User Experience
Muriel Vasconcellos | Bernard Scott | John Chandioux | Hideki Tasnaka
Proceedings of Machine Translation Summit III: Panels