Bhaskara Hanuma Vedula


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PrecogIIITH@WASSA2023: Emotion Detection for Urdu-English Code-mixed Text
Bhaskara Hanuma Vedula | Prashant Kodali | Manish Shrivastava | Ponnurangam Kumaraguru
Proceedings of the 13th Workshop on Computational Approaches to Subjectivity, Sentiment, & Social Media Analysis

Code-mixing refers to the phenomenon of using two or more languages interchangeably within a speech or discourse context. This practice is particularly prevalent on social media platforms, and determining the embedded affects in a code-mixed sentence remains as a challenging problem. In this submission we describe our system for WASSA 2023 Shared Task on Emotion Detection in English-Urdu code-mixed text. In our system we implement a multiclass emotion detection model with label space of 11 emotions. Samples are code-mixed English-Urdu text, where Urdu is written in romanised form. Our submission is limited to one of the subtasks - Multi Class classification and we leverage transformer-based Multilingual Large Language Models (MLLMs), XLM-RoBERTa and Indic-BERT. We fine-tune MLLMs on the released data splits, with and without pre-processing steps (translation to english), for classifying texts into the appropriate emotion category. Our methods did not surpass the baseline, and our submission is ranked sixth overall.