Brenden Keyes


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ClipperRSS: A Light-Weight Prototype for the Cross-language Exploitation of Syndicated Feeds
Rod Holland | Brenden Keyes
Proceedings of the 8th Conference of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas: Government and Commercial Uses of MT

Syndicated feeds in RSS, Atom, and related formats have emerged as ubiquitous information sources in World Wide Web language communities including Arabic, Farsi, Chinese, and others, providing subscribers with timely updates on topics of particular interest. We have modified an existing Open Source RSS reader, Sage, for cross-language use, permitting English-speakers to discover, subscribe to, update, and browse RSS feeds in ten languages. This early prototype, called Clip- perRSS, has been integrated with the Clipper cross-language information retrieval tool. The integrated system provides English-speakers with an effective means of exploring the potential of foreign-language syndicated feeds in their domains of interest.