Brigitte Bläser

Also published as: Brigitte Blaser


TransLexis: an integrated environment for lexicon and terminology management
Brigitte Bläser
Third International EAMT Workshop: Machine Translation and the Lexicon

The IBM lexicon and terminology management system TransLexis provides an integrated solution for developing and maintaining lexical and terminological data for use by humans and computer programs. In this paper, the conceptual schema of TransLexis, its user interface, and its import and export facilities will be described. TransLexis takes up several ideas emerging from the reuse discussion. In particular, it strives for a largely theory-neutral representation of multilingual lexical and terminological data, it includes export facilities to derive lexicons for different applications, and it includes programs to import lexical and terminological data from existing sources.


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A Reusable Lexical Database Tool for Machine Translation
Brigitte Blaser | Ulrike Schwall | Angelika Storrer
COLING 1992 Volume 2: The 14th International Conference on Computational Linguistics