Brigitte Garcia


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The Creagest Project: a Digitized and Annotated Corpus for French Sign Language (LSF) and Natural Gestural Languages
Antonio Balvet | Cyril Courtin | Dominique Boutet | Christian Cuxac | Ivani Fusellier-Souza | Brigitte Garcia | Marie-Thérèse L’Huillier | Marie-Anne Sallandre
Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC'10)

In this paper, we discuss the theoretical, sociolinguistic, methodological and technical objectives and issues of the French Creagest Project (2007-2012) in setting up, documenting and annotating a large corpus of adult and child French Sign Language (LSF) and of natural gestural language. The main objective of this ANR-funded research project is to set up a collaborative web-based platform for the study of semiogenesis in LSF (French Sign Language), i.e. the study of emerging structures and signs, be they used by Deaf adult signers, Deaf children, or even by Deaf and hearing subjects in interaction. In section 2, we address theoretical and practical issues, emphasizing the outstanding features of the Creagest Project. In section 3, we deal with methodological issues for data collection. Finally, in section 4, we examine technical aspects of LSF video data editing and corpus annotation, in the perspective of setting up a corpus-based formalized description of LSF.


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Compositionnalité morphophonétique de la langue des signes française (LSF) et exploration des relations structurales entre paramètres [Morphophonetic Compositionality of French Sign Language (LSF) and Exploration of Structural Relationships Between Parameters]
Dominique Boutet | Brigitte Garcia
Traitement Automatique des Langues, Volume 48, Numéro 3 : Modélisation et traitement des langues des signes [Sign Language Modelling and Processing]