Britt Van Gemert


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First Steps Towards a Signing Avatar for Railway Travel Announcements in the Netherlands
Britt Van Gemert | Richard Cokart | Lyke Esselink | Maartje De Meulder | Nienke Sijm | Floris Roelofsen
Proceedings of the 7th International Workshop on Sign Language Translation and Avatar Technology: The Junction of the Visual and the Textual: Challenges and Perspectives

This paper presents first steps towards a sign language avatar for communicating railway travel announcements in Dutch Sign Language. Taking an interdisciplinary approach, it demonstrates effective ways to employ co-design and focus group methods in the context of developing sign language technology, and presents several concrete findings and results obtained through co-design and focus group sessions which have not only led to improvements of our own prototype but may also inform the development of signing avatars for other languages and in other application domains.