Carlos Toxtli


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Handling Comments in Documents through Interactions
Elnaz Nouri | Carlos Toxtli
Proceedings of the Second DialDoc Workshop on Document-grounded Dialogue and Conversational Question Answering

Comments are widely used by users in collaborative documents every day. The documents’ comments enable collaborative editing and review dynamics, transforming each document into a context-sensitive communication channel. Understanding the role of comments in communication dynamics within documents is the first step towards automating their management. In this paper we propose the first ever taxonomy for different types of in-document comments based on analysis of a large scale dataset of public documents from the web. We envision that the next generation of intelligent collaborative document experiences allow interactive creation and consumption of content, there We also introduce the components necessary for developing novel tools that automate the handling of comments through natural language interaction with the documents. We identify the commands that users would use to respond to various types of comments. We train machine learning algorithms to recognize the different types of comments and assess their feasibility. We conclude by discussing some of the implications for the design of automatic document management tools.