Catalin Stoean


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Investigating the Relationship Between Romanian Financial News and Closing Prices from the Bucharest Stock Exchange
Ioan-Bogdan Iordache | Ana Sabina Uban | Catalin Stoean | Liviu P. Dinu
Proceedings of the Thirteenth Language Resources and Evaluation Conference

A new data set is gathered from a Romanian financial news website for the duration of four years. It is further refined to extract only information related to one company by selecting only paragraphs and even sentences that referred to it. The relation between the extracted sentiment scores of the texts and the stock prices from the corresponding dates is investigated using various approaches like the lexicon-based Vader tool, Financial BERT, as well as Transformer-based models. Automated translation is used, since some models could be only applied for texts in English. It is encouraging that all models, be that they are applied to Romanian or English texts, indicate a correlation between the sentiment scores and the increase or decrease of the stock closing prices.