Céline Vaschalde


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Providing Semantic Knowledge to a Set of Pictograms for People with Disabilities: a Set of Links between WordNet and Arasaac: Arasaac-WN
Didier Schwab | Pauline Trial | Céline Vaschalde | Loïc Vial | Emmanuelle Esperanca-Rodier | Benjamin Lecouteux
Proceedings of the Twelfth Language Resources and Evaluation Conference

This article presents a resource that links WordNet, the widely known lexical and semantic database, and Arasaac, the largest freely available database of pictograms. Pictograms are a tool that is more and more used by people with cognitive or communication disabilities. However, they are mainly used manually via workbooks, whereas caregivers and families would like to use more automated tools (use speech to generate pictograms, for example). In order to make it possible to use pictograms automatically in NLP applications, we propose a database that links them to semantic knowledge. This resource is particularly interesting for the creation of applications that help people with cognitive disabilities, such as text-to-picto, speech-to-picto, picto-to-speech... In this article, we explain the needs for this database and the problems that have been identified. Currently, this resource combines approximately 800 pictograms with their corresponding WordNet synsets and it is accessible both through a digital collection and via an SQL database. Finally, we propose a method with associated tools to make our resource language-independent: this method was applied to create a first text-to-picto prototype for the French language. Our resource is distributed freely under a Creative Commons license at the following URL: https://github.com/getalp/Arasaac-WN.