Cen Wang


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LayerConnect: Hypernetwork-Assisted Inter-Layer Connector to Enhance Parameter Efficiency
Haoxiang Shi | Rongsheng Zhang | Jiaan Wang | Cen Wang | Yinhe Zheng | Tetsuya Sakai
Proceedings of the 29th International Conference on Computational Linguistics

Pre-trained Language Models (PLMs) are the cornerstone of the modern Natural Language Processing (NLP). However, as PLMs become heavier, fine tuning all their parameters loses their efficiency. Existing parameter-efficient methods generally focus on reducing the trainable parameters in PLMs but neglect the inference speed, which limits the ability to deploy PLMs. In this paper, we propose LayerConnect (hypernetwork-assisted inter-layer connectors) to enhance inference efficiency. Specifically, a light-weight connector with a linear structure is inserted between two Transformer layers, and the parameters inside each connector are tuned by a hypernetwork comprising an interpolator and a down-sampler. We perform extensive experiments on the widely used the GLUE benchmark. The experimental results verify the inference efficiency of our model. Compared to Adapter, our model parameters are reduced to approximately 11.75%, while the performance degradation is kept to less than 5% (2.5 points on average).


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A Siamese CNN Architecture for Learning Chinese Sentence Similarity
Haoxiang Shi | Cen Wang | Tetsuya Sakai
Proceedings of the 1st Conference of the Asia-Pacific Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics and the 10th International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing: Student Research Workshop

This paper presents a deep neural architecture which applies the siamese convolutional neural network sharing model parameters for learning a semantic similarity metric between two sentences. In addition, two different similarity metrics (i.e., the Cosine Similarity and Manhattan similarity) are compared based on this architecture. Our experiments in binary similarity classification for Chinese sentence pairs show that the proposed siamese convolutional architecture with Manhattan similarity outperforms the baselines (i.e., the siamese Long Short-Term Memory architecture and the siamese Bidirectional Long Short-Term Memory architecture) by 8.7 points in accuracy.