Cheol Ryu


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Retrieval-based Evaluation for LLMs: A Case Study in Korean Legal QA
Cheol Ryu | Seolhwa Lee | Subeen Pang | Chanyeol Choi | Hojun Choi | Myeonggee Min | Jy-Yong Sohn
Proceedings of the Natural Legal Language Processing Workshop 2023

While large language models (LLMs) have demonstrated significant capabilities in text generation, their utilization in areas requiring domain-specific expertise, such as law, must be approached cautiously. This caution is warranted due to the inherent challenges associated with LLM-generated texts, including the potential presence of factual errors. Motivated by this issue, we propose Eval-RAG, a new evaluation method for LLM-generated texts. Unlike existing methods, Eval-RAG evaluates the validity of generated texts based on the related document that are collected by the retriever. In other words, Eval-RAG adopts the idea of retrieval augmented generation (RAG) for the purpose of evaluation. Our experimental results on Korean Legal Question-Answering (QA) tasks show that conventional LLM-based evaluation methods can be better aligned with Lawyers’ evaluations, by combining with Eval-RAG. In addition, our qualitative analysis show that Eval-RAG successfully finds the factual errors in LLM-generated texts, while existing evaluation methods cannot.


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Customizing a Korean-English MT System for Patent Translation
Munpyo Hong | Young-Gil Kim | Chang-Hyun Kim | Seong-Il Yang | Young-Ae Seo | Cheol Ryu | Sang-Kyu Park
Proceedings of Machine Translation Summit X: Papers

This paper addresses a customization process of a Korean-English MT system for patent translation. The major customization steps include terminology construction, linguistic study, and the modification of the existing analysis and generation-module. T o our knowledge, this is the first worth-mentioning large-scale customization effort of an MT system for Korean and English. This research was performed under the auspices of the MIC (Ministry of Information and Communication) of Korean government. A prototype patent MT system for electronics domain was installed and is being tested in the Korean Intellectual Property Office.

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Terminology Construction Workflow for Korean-English Patent MT
Young-Gil Kim | Seong-Il Yang | Munpyo Hong | Chang-Hyun Kim | Young-Ae Seo | Cheol Ryu | Sang-Kyu Park | Se-Young Park
Workshop on patent translation

This paper addresses the workflow for terminology construction for Korean-English patent MT system. The workflow consists of the stage for setting lexical goals and the semi- automatic terminology construction stage. As there is no comparable system, it is difficult to determine how many terms are needed. To estimate the number of the needed terms, we analyzed 45,000 patent documents. Given the limited time and budget, we resorted to the semi-automatic methods to create the bilingual term dictionary in electronics domain. We will show that parenthesis information in Korean patent documents and bilingual title corpus can be successfully used to build a bilingual term dictionary.