Cheqing Jin


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Solving Math Word Problems with Multi-Encoders and Multi-Decoders
Yibin Shen | Cheqing Jin
Proceedings of the 28th International Conference on Computational Linguistics

Math word problems solving remains a challenging task where potential semantic and mathematical logic need to be mined from natural language. Although previous researches employ the Seq2Seq technique to transform text descriptions into equation expressions, most of them achieve inferior performance due to insufficient consideration in the design of encoder and decoder. Specifically, these models only consider input/output objects as sequences, ignoring the important structural information contained in text descriptions and equation expressions. To overcome those defects, a model with multi-encoders and multi-decoders is proposed in this paper, which combines sequence-based encoder and graph-based encoder to enhance the representation of text descriptions, and generates different equation expressions via sequence-based decoder and tree-based decoder. Experimental results on the dataset Math23K show that our model outperforms existing state-of-the-art methods.

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Meta Ensemble for Japanese-Chinese Neural Machine Translation: Kyoto-U+ECNU Participation to WAT 2020
Zhuoyuan Mao | Yibin Shen | Chenhui Chu | Sadao Kurohashi | Cheqing Jin
Proceedings of the 7th Workshop on Asian Translation

This paper describes the Japanese-Chinese Neural Machine Translation (NMT) system submitted by the joint team of Kyoto University and East China Normal University (Kyoto-U+ECNU) to WAT 2020 (Nakazawa et al.,2020). We participate in APSEC Japanese-Chinese translation task. We revisit several techniques for NMT including various architectures, different data selection and augmentation methods, denoising pre-training, and also some specific tricks for Japanese-Chinese translation. We eventually perform a meta ensemble to combine all of the models into a single model. BLEU results of this meta ensembled model rank the first both on 2 directions of ASPEC Japanese-Chinese translation.