Chia-Fang Ho


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Learning to Link Grammar and Encyclopedic Information of Assist ESL Learners
Jhih-Jie Chen | Chingyu Yang | Peichen Ho | Ming Chiao Tsai | Chia-Fang Ho | Kai-Wen Tuan | Chung-Ting Tsai | Wen-Bin Han | Jason Chang
Proceedings of the 57th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics: System Demonstrations

We introduce a system aimed at improving and expanding second language learners’ English vocabulary. In addition to word definitions, we provide rich lexical information such as collocations and grammar patterns for target words. We present Linggle Booster that takes an article, identifies target vocabulary, provides lexical information, and generates a quiz on target words. Linggle Booster also links named-entity to corresponding Wikipedia pages. Evaluation on a set of target words shows that the method have reasonably good performance in terms of generating useful and information for learning vocabulary.

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Learning to Respond to Mixed-code Queries using Bilingual Word Embeddings
Chia-Fang Ho | Jason Chang | Jhih-Jie Chen | Chingyu Yang
Proceedings of the 2019 Conference of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics (Demonstrations)

We present a method for learning bilingual word embeddings in order to support second language (L2) learners in finding recurring phrases and example sentences that match mixed-code queries (e.g., “接 受 sentence”) composed of words in both target language and native language (L1). In our approach, mixed-code queries are transformed into target language queries aimed at maximizing the probability of retrieving relevant target language phrases and sentences. The method involves converting a given parallel corpus into mixed-code data, generating word embeddings from mixed-code data, and expanding queries in target languages based on bilingual word embeddings. We present a prototype search engine, x.Linggle, that applies the method to a linguistic search engine for a parallel corpus. Preliminary evaluation on a list of common word-translation shows that the method performs reasonablly well.