Ching-Yi Dougherty

Also published as: Ching-yi Dougherty


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A Pragmatic Approach to Machine Translation From Chinese to English
Ching-Yi Dougherty
International Conference on Computational Linguistics COLING 1969: Preprint No. 38


Writing of Chinese recognition grammar for machine translation
Ching-yi Dougherty
Proceedings of the Annual meeting of the Association for Machine Translation and Computational Linguistics

Our approach to this problem is based on the stratificational grammar outlined and the procedures proposed by Dr. Sydney Lamb. How the theory and the procedures can be applied to written Chinese is briefly discussed. For the time being our research is limited to the particular kind of written Chinese found in chemical and biochemical journals. First the Chinese lexes are classified by detailed syntactical analysis, then binary grammar rules are constructed for joining two primary or constitute classes. How a more and more refined classification can eliminate one by one the ambiguity resulting from all possible constructions arising from juxtaposition of two distributional classes is discussed in detail.