Christian Lang


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Making Non-Normalized Content Retrievable – A Tagging Pipeline for a Corpus of Expert–Layperson Texts
Christian Lang | Ngoc Duyen Tanja Tu | Laura Zeidler
Proceedings of the 4th Conference on Language, Data and Knowledge


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Transforming Term Extraction: Transformer-Based Approaches to Multilingual Term Extraction Across Domains
Christian Lang | Lennart Wachowiak | Barbara Heinisch | Dagmar Gromann
Findings of the Association for Computational Linguistics: ACL-IJCNLP 2021


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CogALex-VI Shared Task: Transrelation - A Robust Multilingual Language Model for Multilingual Relation Identification
Lennart Wachowiak | Christian Lang | Barbara Heinisch | Dagmar Gromann
Proceedings of the Workshop on the Cognitive Aspects of the Lexicon

We describe our submission to the CogALex-VI shared task on the identification of multilingual paradigmatic relations building on XLM-RoBERTa (XLM-R), a robustly optimized and multilingual BERT model. In spite of several experiments with data augmentation, data addition and ensemble methods with a Siamese Triple Net, Translrelation, the XLM-R model with a linear classifier adapted to this specific task, performed best in testing and achieved the best results in the final evaluation of the shared task, even for a previously unseen language.