Christoph Zähner


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Reusable Phrase Extraction Based on Syntactic Parsing
Xuemin Duan | Zan Hongying | Xiaojing Bai | Christoph Zähner
Proceedings of the 19th Chinese National Conference on Computational Linguistics

Academic Phrasebank is an important resource for academic writers. Student writers use the phrases of Academic Phrasebank organizing their research article to improve their writing ability. Due to the limited size of Academic Phrasebank, it can not meet all the academic writing needs. There are still a large number of academic phraseology in the authentic research article. In this paper, we proposed an academic phraseology extraction model based on constituency parsing and dependency parsing, which can automatically extract the academic phraseology similar to phrases of Academic Phrasebank from an unlabelled research article. We divided the proposed model into three main components including an academic phraseology corpus module, a sentence simplification module, and a syntactic parsing module. We created a corpus of academic phraseology of 2,129 words to help judge whether a word is neutral and general, and created two datasets under two scenarios to verify the feasibility of the proposed model.