Dae Bum Yuk


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BERT-based Spatial Information Extraction
Hyeong Jin Shin | Jeong Yeon Park | Dae Bum Yuk | Jae Sung Lee
Proceedings of the Third International Workshop on Spatial Language Understanding

Spatial information extraction is essential to understand geographical information in text. This task is largely divided to two subtasks: spatial element extraction and spatial relation extraction. In this paper, we utilize BERT (Devlin et al., 2018), which is very effective for many natural language processing applications. We propose a BERT-based spatial information extraction model, which uses BERT for spatial element extraction and R-BERT (Wu and He, 2019) for spatial relation extraction. The model was evaluated with the SemEval 2015 dataset. The result showed a 15.4% point increase in spatial element extraction and an 8.2% point increase in spatial relation extraction in comparison to the baseline model (Nichols and Botros, 2015).