Daniil Alexeyevsky


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Word Sense Disambiguation in Monolingual Dictionaries for Building Russian WordNet
Daniil Alexeyevsky | Anastasiya V. Temchenko
Proceedings of the 8th Global WordNet Conference (GWC)

Russian Language is currently poorly supported with WordNet-like resources. One of the new efforts for building Russian WordNet involves mining the monolingual dictionaries. While most steps of the building process are straightforward, word sense disambiguation (WSD) is a source of problems. Due to limited word context specific WSD mechanism is required for each kind of relations mined. This paper describes the WSD method used for mining hypernym relations. First part of the paper explains the main reasons for choosing monolingual dictionaries as the primary source of information for Russian language WordNet and states some problems faced during the information extraction. The second part defines algorithm used to extract hyponym-hypernym pair. The third part describes the algorithm used for WSD.