Daphnée Azoulay


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Contextual term equivalent search using domain-driven disambiguation
Caroline Barrière | Pierre André Ménard | Daphnée Azoulay
Proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Computational Terminology (Computerm2016)

This article presents a domain-driven algorithm for the task of term sense disambiguation (TSD). TSD aims at automatically choosing which term record from a term bank best represents the meaning of a term occurring in a particular context. In a translation environment, finding the contextually appropriate term record is necessary to access the proper equivalent to be used in the target language text. The term bank TERMIUM Plus, recently published as an open access repository, is chosen as a domain-rich resource for testing our TSD algorithm, using English and French as source and target languages. We devise an experiment using over 1300 English terms found in scientific articles, and show that our domain-driven TSD algorithm is able to bring the best term record, and therefore the best French equivalent, at the average rank of 1.69 compared to a baseline random rank of 3.51.