Dario Poljak


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Designing a Croatian Aspectual Derivatives Dictionary: Preliminary Stages
Kristina Kocijan | Krešimir Šojat | Dario Poljak
Proceedings of the First Workshop on Linguistic Resources for Natural Language Processing

The paper focusses on derivationally connected verbs in Croatian, i.e. on verbs that share the same lexical morpheme and are derived from other verbs via prefixation, suffixation and/or stem alternations. As in other Slavic languages with rich derivational morphology, each verb is marked for aspect, either perfective or imperfective. Some verbs, mostly of foreign origin, are marked as bi-aspectual verbs. The main objective of this paper is to detect and to describe major derivational processes and affixes used in the derivation of aspectually connected verbs with NooJ. Annotated chains are exported into a format adequate for web database system and further used to enhance the aspectual and derivational information for each verb.