Darsh Kaushik


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CNLP-NITS @ LongSumm 2021: TextRank Variant for Generating Long Summaries
Darsh Kaushik | Abdullah Faiz Ur Rahman Khilji | Utkarsh Sinha | Partha Pakray
Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Scholarly Document Processing

The huge influx of published papers in the field of machine learning makes the task of summarization of scholarly documents vital, not just to eliminate the redundancy but also to provide a complete and satisfying crux of the content. We participated in LongSumm 2021: The 2nd Shared Task on Generating Long Summaries for scientific documents, where the task is to generate long summaries for scientific papers provided by the organizers. This paper discusses our extractive summarization approach to solve the task. We used TextRank algorithm with the BM25 score as a similarity function. Even after being a graph-based ranking algorithm that does not require any learning, TextRank produced pretty decent results with minimal compute power and time. We attained 3rd rank according to ROUGE-1 scores (0.5131 for F-measure and 0.5271 for recall) and performed decently as shown by the ROUGE-2 scores.

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Improved English to Hindi Multimodal Neural Machine Translation
Sahinur Rahman Laskar | Abdullah Faiz Ur Rahman Khilji | Darsh Kaushik | Partha Pakray | Sivaji Bandyopadhyay
Proceedings of the 8th Workshop on Asian Translation (WAT2021)

Machine translation performs automatic translation from one natural language to another. Neural machine translation attains a state-of-the-art approach in machine translation, but it requires adequate training data, which is a severe problem for low-resource language pairs translation. The concept of multimodal is introduced in neural machine translation (NMT) by merging textual features with visual features to improve low-resource pair translation. WAT2021 (Workshop on Asian Translation 2021) organizes a shared task of multimodal translation for English to Hindi. We have participated the same with team name CNLP-NITS-PP in two submissions: multimodal and text-only NMT. This work investigates phrase pairs injection via data augmentation approach and attains improvement over our previous work at WAT2020 on the same task in both text-only and multimodal NMT. We have achieved second rank on the challenge test set for English to Hindi multimodal translation where Bilingual Evaluation Understudy (BLEU) score of 39.28, Rank-based Intuitive Bilingual Evaluation Score (RIBES) 0.792097, and Adequacy-Fluency Metrics (AMFM) score 0.830230 respectively.

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Wikipedia Current Events Summarization using Particle Swarm Optimization
Santosh Kumar Mishra | Darsh Kaushik | Sriparna Saha | Pushpak Bhattacharyya
Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Natural Language Processing (ICON)

This paper proposes a method to summarize news events from multiple sources. We pose event summarization as a clustering-based optimization problem and solve it using particle swarm optimization. The proposed methodology uses the search capability of particle swarm optimization, detecting the number of clusters automatically. Experiments are conducted with the Wikipedia Current Events Portal dataset and evaluated using the well-known ROUGE-1, ROUGE-2, and ROUGE-L scores. The obtained results show the efficacy of the proposed methodology over the state-of-the-art methods. It attained improvement of 33.42%, 81.75%, and 57.58% in terms of ROUGE-1, ROUGE-2, and ROUGE-L, respectively.