David Kostak


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THEaiTRobot: An Interactive Tool for Generating Theatre Play Scripts
Rudolf Rosa | Patrícia Schmidtová | Alisa Zakhtarenko | Ondrej Dusek | Tomáš Musil | David Mareček | Saad Ul Islam | Marie Novakova | Klara Vosecka | Daniel Hrbek | David Kostak
Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Natural Language Generation: System Demonstrations

We present a free online demo of THEaiTRobot, an open-source bilingual tool for interactively generating theatre play scripts, in two versions. THEaiTRobot 1.0 uses the GPT-2 language model with minimal adjustments. THEaiTRobot 2.0 uses two models created by fine-tuning GPT-2 on purposefully collected and processed datasets and several other components, generating play scripts in a hierarchical fashion (title synopsis script). The underlying tool is used in the THEaiTRE project to generate scripts for plays, which are then performed on stage by a professional theatre.